Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How to play any game without a disc

So you've borrowed a game from a friend, installed it and then realised that you need the disc to play. This either means you have to go out and buy the disc or not play it at all. Well, not any more! In this hub I'll show you how you can play any game you have installed, without a disc!

Step One:
First of all, you need to download WinRar and install it. WinRar is a program that can extract .rar files, which are very commonly used.

Step Two:

Now go to GameCopyWorld and search for the game you want. GameCopyWorld is a tad difficult to find your way around, but you should figure it out eventually. You basically just need to click the search result which is appropriate to you, and then find the exact file you want.

Extract the .exe Step Three:

When you've located the correct file, click it and choose a mirror. Then download it and open it up in WinRar. There should be an .exe file in there. Click it then press the "Extract To" button and extract it on to your desktop.

Step Four:

This part may be tricky for some. You need to navigate to the files of your game, and find the exe file. Make a new folder called "old exe" or something similar, and copy and paste the current exe in to there. Now drag the new exe from your desktop and replace the original in the main folder of your game. Create a short cut on your desktop and you should no longer need the disc.

Monday, 16 August 2010

How to Download the game

This is a follow on post from "where do you find the game you always wanted" post.

Know that you found your game, you have to download it. (From the websites I suggested - LIST) Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Search for your game in the search box provided
  2. Click on the game that has got the most relevance to the one you are looking for. (You won't always find that the first one you click on will be the correct one)
  3. This will know bring you to the game download page with details of the game and a picture. You will find, mostly at the bottom of the page, the download links.
  4. There will 1 to 20 or more links for you to download, depending on the size of the game.
  5. You will have to start at the top. Click the first link, which will take you to the download page of that link.
  6. Download the link to a folder where you can find it again.
  7. Download all links for the game to the same place.
  8. When this is done, you will have 1 to 20 or more files in this folder. You will need to unpack these in the same folder. You will need either winrar or winzip. I prefer winrar.
  9. Highlight all the files at the same time and then right click. Choose the option "extract here" This will save all the files to a folder in the same folder.
  10. In this folder you will find your game and normally a keygen on serial to crack the game. Just follow the instructions.
There you go. Job done and the game is yours.

PS. It is most likely that 90% of all games are from rapidshare. Brilliant site. You will have the option to download normal or super fast. If you love games you will need to open a account. It is worth it. It is very cheap.

PSS. You can do this with not just games, any programs or software you want.

Have fun and let me know if you need some questions answered.

Your game mate.
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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Where to find the game you are looking for.

Hello my fellow game freeks,

If you love games as much as I do, then you would have had the moment in your life when a new game hits the market and you just want it so badly it hurts. Well, if you ever felt like that then this is where I will help solve that problem for you. I will in this post show you where to find the best places to download any game. Then in my next post, I will explain to the begginers, how to actually download these games to your pc.

Where to find the game you are looking for:

These are the best sites on the web, not just the best but the savest: - This is the best site if you have a rapidshare account. (I will explain later) - This is the first site I will use, but again. (Best to have a rapidshare account) - This site is my 3rd option

That's where I find all my games with no problem at all.

Now if you want to know how it works and where the games come from, this is how it goes:

People, like you and me, buy a game. Then, they upload it to these sites, for us to download. WHY, do you ask, well, they get points, which they can convert in extending there accounts or even get paid.

I will run though more detail in my next post, as to how to download and install. More post comming later with details about the rapidshare accounts and how this could benifit you.

Hope this helps some of you in some way.

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