Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How to play any game without a disc

So you've borrowed a game from a friend, installed it and then realised that you need the disc to play. This either means you have to go out and buy the disc or not play it at all. Well, not any more! In this hub I'll show you how you can play any game you have installed, without a disc!

Step One:
First of all, you need to download WinRar and install it. WinRar is a program that can extract .rar files, which are very commonly used.

Step Two:

Now go to GameCopyWorld and search for the game you want. GameCopyWorld is a tad difficult to find your way around, but you should figure it out eventually. You basically just need to click the search result which is appropriate to you, and then find the exact file you want.

Extract the .exe Step Three:

When you've located the correct file, click it and choose a mirror. Then download it and open it up in WinRar. There should be an .exe file in there. Click it then press the "Extract To" button and extract it on to your desktop.

Step Four:

This part may be tricky for some. You need to navigate to the files of your game, and find the exe file. Make a new folder called "old exe" or something similar, and copy and paste the current exe in to there. Now drag the new exe from your desktop and replace the original in the main folder of your game. Create a short cut on your desktop and you should no longer need the disc.

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