Sunday, 15 August 2010

Where to find the game you are looking for.

Hello my fellow game freeks,

If you love games as much as I do, then you would have had the moment in your life when a new game hits the market and you just want it so badly it hurts. Well, if you ever felt like that then this is where I will help solve that problem for you. I will in this post show you where to find the best places to download any game. Then in my next post, I will explain to the begginers, how to actually download these games to your pc.

Where to find the game you are looking for:

These are the best sites on the web, not just the best but the savest: - This is the best site if you have a rapidshare account. (I will explain later) - This is the first site I will use, but again. (Best to have a rapidshare account) - This site is my 3rd option

That's where I find all my games with no problem at all.

Now if you want to know how it works and where the games come from, this is how it goes:

People, like you and me, buy a game. Then, they upload it to these sites, for us to download. WHY, do you ask, well, they get points, which they can convert in extending there accounts or even get paid.

I will run though more detail in my next post, as to how to download and install. More post comming later with details about the rapidshare accounts and how this could benifit you.

Hope this helps some of you in some way.

Your game mate - Free Game Downloads

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